Programmeurs Schippop:

“Wat was de releaseparty op 11-11-11 in het uitverkochte, dampende Doornroosje le-gen-da-risch! En het goede nieuws is: deze zomer kun je het opnieuw beleven.”

Just like the name suggests, Black Bottle Riot hits you right in the face. This Rock ‘N’ Roll fourpiece from Nijmegen, The Netherlands, has been described as a solid blend of Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Ramones. This implicates some good stuff: a pack of damn fine songs, an earthy attitude and – yes, they bring it back – loud guitars.

Their first EP “Stay Hungry” is hard evidence of the fact that there’s still some rockin’ and rollin’ out there. Insiders know that this rockband is bound to blow the curls out of your mullet. This is Seventies Rock in a 21st century reincarnation.