Intergalactic Lovers
18:30 - 19:30

The first step on any journey is always the hardest to take – but Intergalactic Lovers make it all look effortless. The Belgian four-piece found huge success at home and abroad with their opening two albums, fusing the taut energy of their live shows with pointed songwriting that explored often intimate, personal issues.

Their new album, though, is a step beyond all this. Lead cut ‘Between The Lines’ drops on June 2nd, the first sign of where this fresh path might lead.

Everything about it feels precise, focussed, the work of a group in complete control of the creative process. The jagged guitar lines nod towards post-punk, towards the streetwise melancholy of Interpol, Editors, or even elements of The Cure, while the throbbing bassline is New Order at their finest.

Lara Chedraoui’s vocal sits on top of this, matching the barbed yearning of PJ Harvey to the sheer style of Karen O while continually preserving her own independence, her own approach.

It’s the interplay between each element, though, that pushes Intergalactic Lovers to the next level. There’s a sense of perfect balance running through the song, with ‘Between The Lines’ finally capturing the incredible atmosphere of their live shows, and even superseding them.

To top it all off, the band have shot an entrancing yet whimsical video that salutes the seminal Belgian painter René Magritte. Important journeys start with the opening instalment – this is the perfect first step.