Playground Zero
23:10 - 00:00

Playground Zer0 since 2021

‘In 2021 Playground Zer0 traveled back in time to release their debut album, ‘Poison’ (2014). Since ‘time’ stopped in 2021, Playground Zer0 wasn’t getting any older. Now the young lads have traveled back in time again to 2018, to bring you their second album.

Three years from now, time will stop counting its seconds, minutes and hours. The stop of time was caused by the high levels of stress-energy on Earth. Together with Captain J. Simmelink and a bunch of other cool guys, Playground Zer0 was selected to invent a special kind of music to restore the planet and the continuation of time.’

Playground Zer0 is a trip around the world, fresh and energetic dance music inspired by the collaboration of cultures. From travelling to Africa to make tunes, to Asia to do tours, to Europe to have fun and adventures in Australia haven’t even begun! (rhyme) (drops mic)

On stage they are an energetic force to be reckoned with. Backed by live electronics and instruments (think: lots of keys, sequencers, turntables, a bass guitar and the occasional keytar) they bring you freedom, fun and most importantly friendship.

Following their initial release, Playground Zer0 has performed at festivals like: Boardmasters (UK), The Great Escape (UK), Parkpop (NL), Reeperbahn Festival (DE), Transmusicales (FR), Uluwatu Surf Festival (ID), Midi Festival (CN) and soon Schippop!! (15-juni-2019)

Playground Zer0

Music for the people. Music to dance to.