Programmeurs Schippop:

“Speciaal voor deze band naar Gent afgereisd. Op het showcasefestival Glimpse Gent gaf School Is Cool een supervet optreden waar de energie vanaf spatte. Dit wordt absoluut een van de hoogtepunten van Schippop 2012.”


School is Cool brings you a fresh style of adventurous indie pop following in the footsteps of artists such as Kate Bush, Arcade Fire and Paul Simon through to Pixies and The Dodos.

With their album just released in The Netherlands, the band played to a capacity crowd at the Eurosonic Showcase Festival, as well as appearing on the Dutch main television show De Wereld Draait Door and in a 5 page interview in OOR magazine. “Entropology” is set to be released in France, followed by the UK and Germany later in this year. The band was also selected to appear in HMV’s Next Big Thing gigs in London on February 12th.
“In Want Of Something” (best new single, highest rotation and also on no. 1 in ‘De Afrekening’) was the first single off their debut-album “Entropology”, that was released in Belgium on October 18th, 2011.
The album was recorded at Motormusic Studios and was produced & mixed by Das Pop member Reinhard Vanbergen, who has also produced The Hickey Underworld, Drums Are For Parades and Goose. The album was set to have its live premiere at the Pukkelpop Festival (one of the biggest festivals in Belgium), but due to the tragic events that unfolded there, the gig had to be cancelled. 
The band sold 12,000 copies (Gold in Belgium) in its first week and sold a total of more than 17,000 copies in its first month. Most of their club shows were sold out and they got nominated for 5 Music Industry Awards. 
School Is Cool made quite an impression on most of the European showcasefestivals (Popkomm (Berlin,GER), Waves Vienna (Vienna,AU) and MaMa festival (Paris,FR)).
After winning Belgium’s biggest rock contest Humo’s Rock Rally* 2010, the Antwerp-based quintet went on to play more than 60 festivals in Belgium and Holland including Boomtown, Dranouter, Pukkelpop, Crammerock & Marktrock. Their first single “New Kids In Town” was one of the biggest hits of 2010. It was chosen as the best new single of the week, highest rotation in the playlists and it was on the highest position for 6 weeks in Belgium’s biggest alternative chart ‘De Afrekening’ as voted for by the listeners of Studio Brussels.
(*) former finalists (dEUS, The Black Box Revelation, Goose, Milow, Absynthe Minded,…)